How to Improvise a Guitar Solo over Shape of You by Ed Sheeran Using the Pentatonic Scale

Learn how to improvise a guitar solo over Shape of You by Ed Sheeran using only the pentatonic scales and sound AWESOME!

Let’s take a look at this chord progression from Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. This song is in the key of C# minor, while also making use of flattened major chords that are part of the “Songwriter’s Composite Minor Key” Ed starts the progression on the Imin chord, then the IVmin, the VImaj, and finally the VIImaj. This is a popular minor key chord progression.

In this lesson I’ll show you how to improvise a guitar solo around the 9th fret using 3 different pentatonic shapes, the one we use over the F#min and Amaj will pull double duty (watch the root notes). Switching scale shapes like this will really bring out the sound of the chord progressions in your solo. Good luck & tear it up!

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